Heat resistance : continuous working temperature up to 288℃, short-time application can be at 480℃;
Wear resistance: Non-lubricating limit value for PV of VESPEL is 10 times of general engineering plastics. High endurance of impact wear and shaking wear.
Creep ( CREEP ): 1000 hours only 0.6% at 260℃, 186KG/CM ( 2) under conditions of creeping.
Load deformation: at 50 ℃, 140KG/CM ( 2) conditions is Teflon ( TEFLON ) 1/70, nylon 1/10.
● Medicine resistance, resistant to grease, oil, solvents, not to be burnt as metal.
● VESPEL-SP1:  basic specifications, with the highest mechanical strength and electrical properties.
● VESPEL-SP21: 15% graphite-filled specifications providing good heat & wear resistance.
● VESPEL-SP22: 40% graphite-filled specifications providing the smallest expansion coefficient and highest creep resistance.
● VESPEL-SP211: 15% graphite and 10%PTFE filled specifications providing the lowest static friction, which is used in the medium temperature environments.
● VESPEL-SP3: 15% Molybdenum disulfide-filled specifications applicable in vacuum or inert gas sliding friction.
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